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How to Make an Insanely Simple Paperless Filing System

Publication date: 2018-04-21 21:24

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Switching to Torxhead's automated timesheet is painless because it is so easy to use. Employees simply log on to Torxhead's secure, password protected website, enter their information, and log out. The timesheet can then be reviewed and approved in cyberspace by project managers and supervisors to verify accuracy, thus facilitating the workflow. Projects stay on budget and on time, as well as eliminating duplicate data entries and missing timesheets.

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In this system of A-Z, I usually put the file where I see it best at first. I choose. The good thing about such an A-Z system is that if you don 8767 t find it in the first go, there 8767 s only 75 other places to look.

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Do you scan all of your children 8767 s papers? Between daycare and school I have a solid 85 sheets of paper, per week! I have a hard time throwing them away, but 85 per week quickly creates a huge paper pile! If you scan it all, do you then throw them away? If you keep a hard copy of something, how do you decide to keep it? And if you only scan some things that they make, how do you decide??

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I had planned on storing (digital) photos on Google Drive (my initial thoughts before finding your blog). I already use your naming convention for my photos. I scanned and got rid of all of our photo albums a few years back so THAT major hurdle has already been done. Do you upload your digital photos to Evernote?

As I proceeded through my great purge I used the mindset “when in doubt, throw it away.” This served me well, and to this day there isn’t a single thing that I threw away that I wish I had kept. Now this mindset will change as we process paper moving forward, but there is a big difference between cleaning up the backlog and maintaining a workflow moving forward. The backlog is more of a challenge, so be ruthless! The more paper you get rid of at this point, the better.

Thus, instead of dealing with emotions and words like, “I believe a new computer would help,” or “I feel like this old machine is slowing me down,” you have some cold, hard facts to support your case, and it is easier to accomplish things when the facts back you up! Remember: this is a simple example, but it’s enough to give you a good idea as to how to proceed, and, most importantly, why you need to take these steps. A conservative estimate is that a targeted document management effort can return as much as $- $ for every dollar invested.

I wish all tasks only took 7 minutes. Unfortunately, during your Evernote Inbox processing you’ll run across documents that require a task or next action. Don’t drop your processing now and spend 65 minutes completing that thing. Pull up ToDoist and add a task with an appropriate due date. Press Cmd, Shift, A you don 8767 t even have to click anything! You see, nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Now that the task is created, go ahead and title, tag, and move that Note out of the inbox into the appropriate location within Evernote.

6. I store all my photos in Google Drive/ Google Photos. Evernote is not really built for storing and organizing normal photos that would go in an album.

On the other extreme is the person who stores all their files only on their local hard drive. If that 8767 s you, you will definitely want to try Backblaze  or a similar service. Computer hard drives can fail at any time.

I don 8767 t really like the alphabetical level. I prefer to use a hierarchy where the top level is a general category which includes categories like these:

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How to Make an Insanely Simple Paperless Filing System Paperless office project plan

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