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Hello Tanmoy
I have completed from India and in biomedical sciences from Australia. I have some laboratory experience as one of my research project was related to liver progenitor cells and other was related to HPV. Can you suggest on what kind of jobs I can apply with this qualification in India.

Top Pharmacy Colleges in Vizag, AP | Hyderabad | India

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Besides, pharmacists also play an important role in advising and counselling patients, and prescribing medicines. However, pharmacists are not medical doctors they do not conduct diagnosis and/or surgeries on patients. Globally Pharmacy is considered as noble as the Medical profession, if not more. Read more on What does a Pharmacist do?

Introduction to Pharmacy: Top courses and colleges in

University of Cincinnati
University of Oklahoma
Emory University
Rutgers State University
University of Chicago
University of Texas Arlington
Boston University
University of Massachusetts
University Washington
University of Vermont
New Mexico State University
Texas Tech University

A Pharmacist (one who has got sufficient knowledge of Pharmacy or practises Pharmacy) technically should possess more knowledge than a Medical Doctor regarding medicinal drugs composition (or formulation) of a drug, effects/interaction with the biological system, physical and chemical properties, doses, side-effects, interactions with other drugs.

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Hello sir.
I am a student of 66th grade,science. I had a strong interest in medical field and so I took up pcb,but now the interest has gone,I am at am so confused about my career. I don 8767 t know what I am supposed to do after 67. But biology and chemistry are something I really like. Could please suggest me what are the career options I can take up? I 8767 d be grateful to you sir.

If you are inclined towards Europe, then Masters degree will be essential (even if you have got a 9-year Bachelor degree). You can refer to my PhD Application/Admission Blog on MBA Crystal Ball.

Pharmacy as explained earlier, is a branch of science that deals with preparation and dispensing of medicines. It will be mainly focused towards Clinical and Community Pharmacy. is the preferable course if you wish to get on to this side.

There are more than 855 good universities offering MS in Biomedical Sciences in the US. It would be better if you pinpoint particular area(s). You are from BSc background, so I assume it is a 8-year program. So, you have to select the universities that accept 8-year Bachelor degrees,

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School of Pharmacy | Academics | University of Colorado Denver Colleges of pharmacy rankings

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