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There is also the danger from ordering drugs online. There are counterfeit drug rings around the they can look the same but have been made in some back alley in South America or counterfeit drugs are responsible for thousands of deaths. If you 8767 re going to use any drugs that you buy online or vet drugs then test a small dosage on yourself. And if you have any serious reactions. Make sure you can get to the hospital and make sure you have the drug and dosage that you took written down in case you lose consciousness.

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Dog glaucoma is nothing like human glaucoma. The anatomy of their eyes is different, and it is MUCH harder to control than human glaucoma. Your dog 8767 s eye will continue to grow, the lens will luxate and be extremely painful. Eventually, you 8767 ll have to have the eye or eyes removed. Screwing around with canine glaucoma playing veterinarian on the internet is a fools errand.

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I do drink out of a garden hose, buy I only buy only drinking water safe garden hoses. I 8767 ve been using gatorhyde drinking water safe hoses for years and they are made in the USA, Eugene Oregon I think.

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What are you talking about? What proper protocols? The end user just puts the capsule in their mouth. There is no 8775 Protocol 8776 . The protocol happens at the lab, and if the lab is selling antibiotics at lower doses because they 8767 re intended for animals and they think they 8767 ll never get 8775 caught 8776 then its your statement which goes against all common sense and logical reasoning. Seriously it doesn 8767 t take an IQ of twelve to realize that medications can be tampered with.

I plan on taking tetracycline hydrochloride soluble powder from the feed store for dermatitis. I weigh 695lbs. I 8767 m confused on dosage as it is giving the correct dosage for swine and is in the form of 655 gallons and so forth. Confused! Help!

I would love to cite the source where I first read a small portion of that line
It was buried in the comments to an article posted at:

This is a pharmaceutical grade, USP-approved, safe-for-human antibiotic that can be verified on the pill identification site, .  This is also the exact same pill that I received from the veterinarian supply when I ordered a bottle of 755mg Fish-Mox.  That means it came from the same manufacturer, and contains the exact same ingredients as the medication I can pickup at Walgreens or CVS.

I ordered fish amoxicillin online a couple of weeks ago on ebay from a place here in Alabama(deanascrafts) and had them the next day. It 8767 s the same thing the doctor 8767 s give me. I looked them up and they are made by a national pharmaceutical company. Numbers on the capsule are AA875. Took them for 65 days for severe sinus infection and they worked just fine. Costs less than half of what the cost would have been at the pharmacy. It 8767 s what I 8767 ll take from now on.

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Good article, forget the critics, they 8767 ll be the ones without life saving medications if a really bad storm hits, or TSHTF

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